Enter Chillax Mode on your Period Days

Enter Chillax Mode on your Period Days

All-natural, Science-based Period Relief Solutions, Catered to all Women of All Shapes and Sizes


32% to 40% of Women Suffer from Severe Period Pains. Women End Up Missing Out on Work or School.

When you’re on your period, does this sound familiar?

“Just bear with the pain!
It's normal for girls.”
“You're being dramatic.
Stop overreacting!”
“It's not that painful. Just walk it off.”

Not only that, we women are given “period-relief solutions” that barely work. (I’m looking at you, pills, and other
voodoo techniques.) Or worse, do us more harm than good.

While on our period, our moods tend to shoot through the roof because of hormonal imbalances.

Here at Dotty, our mission is to empower women at their best, genuine, and authentic selves with our products. You can enjoy life at any time of your day. Period days or not!

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Meet The Monarch

Your Secret To Saying: “What’s Period Pain?”

The Monarch is scientifically engineered by our most brilliant women scientists to help women with painful periods. You can finally get out of the pain and indulge in the things you want without the pains nagging you every cycle.

  • Breakthrough science of Neuronic Transport Technology (NTT) ©
  • Clinically supported to ease pelvic pains, back pains, and cramps
  • Instant pain-free relief, 100% drug-free!
  • Safe, sleek, and silent
100% Natural
Relief within Minutes

Meet The Dotty Shake

Your Answer to Sweet Cravings while
Relieving Period Symptoms

The Dotty Shake is designed to satisfy your sweet cravings while combating period symptoms without the downside. Instead of struggling to curb sweet cravings on your period, why not embrace it with this warm, delicious chocolate drink?

  • Made with A Unique Blend of Adaptogens
  • 50% Less Sugar Than Other Chocolate Drinks
  • All Natural Hormone Harmonizer
  • Gluten Free, USA Sourced, And No Fillers!
60-Day Money-Back
Get The Dotty Shake Today!

Relieve Period Symptoms,
the Dotty Logo Way!

At Dotty, we provide women with drug-free, science-based
solutions to relieve period symptoms. We only use:

Sustainable Chemical-free and All-Natural products

That way, you will get all the health benefits without the
downside, like most period care products on the market.

Imagine waking up on your period days. Rather than feeling
bedridden all day, you'll feel more revitalized. You can get more
stuff done in your daily activities.
Rather than feeling irritable and fatigued, you feel joyous and liberated. You can sit back,
relax, and binge-watch TV without period worries. It is possible
when using our Dotty products.

A Greater Cause

By supporting our Dotty line of products, you’re also supporting our cause: The DottyCares Program

The DottyCares Program is a way of giving back to the communities. We do this by launching programs that align with our company’s mission and values to fuel positive social change. This program aims to promote:

  • Education

  • Health

  • Cleanliness

  • General welfare of our chosen local community

With the help of our company’s platform and social media presence, we can also start a movement that positively impacts society by promoting volunteerism and philanthropy.

Our Dotty Line of Products


This was hands down the greatest investment I've made all year!

"I couldn't be happier with this product. I have had other TENS devices to help soothe my period aches and cramps but I never felt comfortable wearing them out of my apartment. The Monarch is the first I've seen in the market that doesn't take away from your style, instead adds to it. It works amazingly well and looks super cute while doing so! I get so many questions and compliments, and I love bragging about it 🦋"

I am able to calm my period cramps

“My period cramps have always been super painful and eventually, I learned to deal with them and endure the pain. With the Monarch, I am able to calm my period cramps and not have to wait for the pain to gradually pass. It's changed my feelings towards my cycle because now I don't dread getting my period and the experience of cramps that come with it!”

Isabelle C.
Isabelle C.
My favorite thing about the Monarch

Is the combination of how quickly it massages out period cramps and heats up. My cramps go away in less than 5 minutes. I also find myself walking around and doing other things without even noticing it’s on my stomach doing it’s magic. The fact that’s it’s portable is life changing!

I love it 💖

“I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. How can this tiny machine really help with the aches and pains that typically leave me feeling bed bound each month?

My gosh, was I pleasantly surprised when I used the Monarch for the first time, I literally started crying happy tears.”

Goodbye period!

“I’ve never really used a product like this for periods or aches in general but I’m so happy I did! I usually get pretty full on period symptoms so the Monarch was a great way to distract and mask from the pain while doing day to day tasks or even just watching TV.”

michelle b.
michelle b.
So Good

“I get really bad cramps from digestion and my period, used this and helped so much with the relief. A fun and effective alternative to the usual hot water bottle!”

lisa g.
lisa g.
Before I found The Monarch 💖

I tried different painkillers and other remedies. My period cramps were so bad that It would interfere with my work. I’m so happy I found it now because I can use it while doing work and other activities! It also cures my period cramps in a quick & natural way, which I love 💖!


“I have debilitating periods which completely disrupts my life every month but using the Monarch significantly helped me manage the pain. I didn’t have to use any painkillers!! This is a huge win for me cause I hate taking them.”

amanda t.
amanda t.
Gives confidence

“Incredible product! I was slightly overwhelmed and skeptical looking at the product but after assembling it, I was immediately impressed and so glad to have it. Found that it targeted those weird internal aches that painkillers don’t seem to do anything for!”

Louisa C.
Louisa C.

Your Questions, Answered.

We’re here to help!

Get complete relief in a stylish package:

Type-C Cable

Type-C Cable

Gel Pad Holder

Gel Pad Holder

Monarch Pad Electrode

Monarch Pad Electrode



Battery Pack

Battery Pack

Customers have described electric pulses as light "tingles" that can be increased in intensity using the controller. It feels gentle and totally painless, and works within minutes!

The Monarch is intended to relieve conditions such as dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, fibroids, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

As always, make sure to seek medical advice about any concerns you may have regarding your personal medical situation.

Use your Monarch as often as you like! The device has been tested to ensure it is completely safe to use for prolonged periods of time.

Yes. The Monarch is designed to provide relief on your lower abdomen, back, or any part of the below the neck area.

Of course. Period cramps will affect girls at any point in their life. We designed our Monarch device to be used safely by all ages. If you have any specific health concerns, please check with your doctor.

Absolutely. We designed our Monarch device to be used by all body shapes and sizes.

Nope! Monarch operates on rechargeable, non-removable batteries, which can be charged by using your Monarch USB-C charging cable.

If you suffer from period pain, then Monarch is for you! However, we do not advise it for anyone who is:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Currently having medical treatment for pain
  • Suspected or diagnosed with heart disease or epilepsy
  • Have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or any other implanted electronic device

Please consult your doctor before making any medical decision.