The Monarch
All natural, pill-free, and fast period pain relief
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The Monarch

All natural, pill-free, and fast period pain relief

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secure payment icons to avail the monarch pain relief device secure payment icons to avail the monarch pain relief device


  • Results that ACTUALLY work: New Neuronic Transport Technology (NTT)© combines heat therapy and gentle electrical pulses to slow down nerve signals. Fewer signals = less pain!
  • Tested and trusted: loved and used by thousands, complies with all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety laws.
photo of a testimonial describing how the monarch pain relief device has changed Amanda's life
photo of a testimonial describing how the monarch pain relief device has changed Amanda's life

($20 Value) Free E-Book included with every purchase! Learn the secrets to comfy, effortless periods + bonus tips.

Free E-Book

Your Period Is Like A Punch To Your Ovaries.
Every. Damn. Month!

Because of your period, you may feel like you have the following:

  • 01 Missing life experiences or opportunities.
  • 02 Being told just to "deal with it" and to ignore it.
  • 03 Ineffective past "solutions" that promise the world, but deliver little to no relief.

Monthly cycles don't have to be painful cycles. With the Monarch,
you can get on-demand period pain relief and take your life back—fast!

gif of how to use the monarch
  • icon of the monarch butterfly with a ruler on the side for dimensions

    Your Period, Your Terms

    It's sleek, silent, and portable so you can have relief whenever, wherever!

  • icon of female reproductive system with the monarch butterfly

    Get Results FAST Without the Wait

    Works within minutes after putting it on. No more waiting, no more pain!

  • graphics of a hand letting go of a butterfly signifying period pain freedom

    All The Benefits with Safety in Mind

    Tested for your safety as a Class II medical device under the FDA.

  • icon of empowered life without period pains

    Built for YOUR Unique Situation

    Made for period pain and cramps. Can help relieve PMS/PMDD, endometriosis, fibroids, and PCOS.

Your New Period Ally Is In!

How Does Neuronic Transport Technology (NTT)© Work?

The Monarch works by sending gentle electrical stimulation (feels like a massage) and a calming heat (107.6°F - like a warm towel)!

This prevents nerve signals from reaching the brain and helps release endorphins (feel-good hormones).

The result?

The pain is blocked, and you get the instant comfort you need right at your fingertips. You can go ahead with your day without painful interruptions!

  • photo of the monarch pain relief device
    The Monarch
    • Relief Within Minutes
    • No Side Effects
    • Rechargeable And Reusable
    • Drug And Chemical-Free
  • photo of pink pills
    Pills, Painkillers, Birth Control
    • Longer Waiting Time
    • Headaches And Queasiness
    • Not Reusable Or Rechargeable
    • Potential Long-term Side Effects
  • photo of other tens machine that is less effective than the monarch
    Other Period Devices
    • Less Effective Relief
    • Takes Longer To See Effect
    • Drug And Chemical Free
    • No Side Effects

Real Women Spoke and Vowed to the #MonarchMagic

Women all over the world are raving about how we’ve stopped their period pain and
helped them take back their life!

Amanda T.


"As someone who's always busy, I cannot afford to have PAINFUL periods which leaves me bed-ridden. I used painkillers but I was afraid of the side effects. Let me say, my God! am I glad I found something natural that worked! With the Monarch, I was able to move around like my period wasn't there. Huge win!!"

Amanda T.

This gives me confidence.

“Incredible product! I was slightly overwhelmed and skeptical looking at the product but after assembling it, I was immediately impressed and so glad to have it. Found that it targeted those weird internal aches that painkillers don’t seem to do anything for!”


I love it! 💖

“I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical at first. How can this tiny machine really help with the aches and pains that typically leave me feeling bed bound each month?

My gosh, was I pleasantly surprised when I used the Monarch for the first time, I literally started crying happy tears.”


Goodbye period!

“I’ve never really used a product like this for periods or aches in general but I’m so happy I did! I usually get pretty full on period symptoms so the Monarch was a great way to distract and mask from the pain while doing day to day tasks or even just watching TV.”


So Good!

“I get really bad cramps from digestion and my period, used this and helped so much with the relief. A fun and effective alternative to the usual hot water bottle!”


It cures my period cramps in a quick & natural way, which I love 💖!

"I tried different painkillers and other remedies. My period cramps were so bad that It would interfere with my work. I’m so happy I found it now because I can use it while doing work and other activities! It also cures my period cramps in a quick & natural way, which I love 💖!"


The fact that’s it’s portable is life changing!

"My favorite thing about the Monarch Is the combination of how quickly it massages out period cramps and heats up. My cramps go away in less than 5 minutes. I also find myself walking around and doing other things without even noticing it’s on my stomach doing it’s magic. The fact that’s it’s portable is life changing!"


I am able to calm my period cramps!

“My period cramps have always been super painful and eventually, I learned to deal with them and endure the pain. With the Monarch, I am able to calm my period cramps and not have to wait for the pain to gradually pass. It's changed my feelings towards my cycle because now I don't dread getting my period and the experience of cramps that come with it!”


This was hands down the greatest investment I've made all year!

"I couldn't be happier with this product. I have had other TENS devices to help soothe my period aches and cramps but I never felt comfortable wearing them out of my apartment. The Monarch is the first I've seen in the market that doesn't take away from your style, instead adds to it. It works amazingly well and looks super cute while doing so! I get so many questions and compliments, and I love bragging about it 🦋"

  • graphics of number 1 on the 3 easy steps for period pain relief
    photo of a woman lying down and wearing the monarch pain relief device

    Wear It

    Place the butterfly pad on your lower abdomen, back, or wherever you have pain.

  • graphics of number 2 on the 3 easy steps for period pain relief
    photo showing the monarch being worn and a woman controlling the remote for the heat and pulse intensity

    Switch On

    Switch on with one click. Choose the intensity and heat to your liking!

  • graphics of number 3 on the 3 easy steps for period pain relief
    photo showing the monarch being worn and how it looks like attached to the body

    Feel The Relief

    Kick back and relax, and experience relief as fast as sending a text message!

Your Questions, Answered.

We’re here to help!

Get complete relief in a stylish package:

Type-C Cable

Type-C Cable

Gel Pad Holder

Gel Pad Holder

Monarch Pad Electrode

Monarch Pad Electrode



Battery Pack

Battery Pack

FREE Ultimate Guide for a Low-Maintenance Period
that Will Get You Up and Dancing!

27 Easy Tricks

Every purchase of The Monarch comes with a free ebook detailing the best way for a low maintenance period.

Customers have described electric pulses as light "tingles" that can be increased in intensity using the controller. It feels gentle and totally painless, and works within minutes!

The Monarch is intended to relieve conditions such as dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, fibroids, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

As always, make sure to seek medical advice about any concerns you may have regarding your personal medical situation.

Use your Monarch as often as you like! The device has been tested to ensure it is completely safe to use for prolonged periods of time.

Yes. The Monarch is designed to provide relief on your lower abdomen, back, or any part of the below the neck area.

Of course. Period cramps will affect girls at any point in their life. We designed our Monarch device to be used safely by all ages. If you have any specific health concerns, please check with your doctor.

Absolutely. We designed our Monarch device to be used by all body shapes and sizes.

Nope! Monarch operates on rechargeable, non-removable batteries, which can be charged by using your Monarch USB-C charging cable.

If you suffer from period pain, then Monarch is for you! However, we do not advise it for anyone who is:

  • Currently pregnant
  • Currently having medical treatment for pain
  • Suspected or diagnosed with heart disease or epilepsy
  • Have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or any other implanted electronic device

Please consult your doctor before making any medical decision.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Khady Ndiyae
Thank you for a superlative product!

It works very well as advertised! Ive been using this on my periods for at least 3 months now and personally haven't felt any harsh side effects or anything even though I'm diabetic (if that even is something that could make Monarch have bad effects on someone.)

Natalie L
Helps me with cramps well

I love this stuff. It helps when I have even the worst cramps and they sometimes get really bad. I highly recommend to everyone whether you think you need it or not. Some men probably need to even be taking it.

Cassy Banksen

I canNOT express to you enough how this little thing took my back pain away. For your info, I was taking Tylenol/Advil/excedrin/ibuprofen to no avail BEFORE Monarch. Never going back to anything else

Better than paying for rx drugs!

Great product! Works much better than Tylenol extra strength for my period cramps and lower back pain, which have gotten worse over the years. Monarch let’s me go about my day with little pain.

Kathy Young
Nothing like The Monarch

I’ve struggled with pain for a long time when I get my period cause I have ovarian cysts. The Moanrch amazingly takes all that pain away. In all the years I’ve been struggling with this only this has helped