Dotty’s Chocolately Bliss
Experience Period Relief in a Tasty Drink!
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Dotty’s Chocolately Bliss

Experience Period Relief in a Tasty Drink!

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Get PMS relief in a tasty chocolate drink that you’ll crave! Contains natural adaptogens known to reduce period symptoms like bloating, PMS, cramps, headaches, nausea, and more!
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Our 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Comfort guaranteed, without the stress and the mess! If it's not working by your first cycle, then you're not paying. We'll refund you, no questions asked!

Hormonal Fluctuation: The Prime Suspect to Your Monthly Period Issues

  • Bloating
  • Mood Swings
  • Food Cravings
  • Painful Cramps
  • Acne Breakouts
  • Breast Tenderness
  • Headaches and Nausea
  • Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)

The root cause is hormonal imbalance! When the levels of your hormones, specifically estrogen and progesterone, drastically change, it can lead to the above symptoms.

That's why we developed The Dotty Shake, a tasty drink that regulates these hormones and controls these symptoms. Now you can take on the world or have fun with friends, even on your period days!

Ditch the junk.
Here’s nature’s magical mix.

Say goodbye to the hormone rollercoaster, relieve menstrual
pain, and enjoy your cravings – without the harsh chemicals
from pills.

The Dotty Shake is the first drink designed to regulate your
hormones in a natural and healthy way. All in a tasty drink that
you’ll actually look forward to drinking!

94% see results with
the Dotty Shake
72% saw results within
2 months!
56% say their period symptoms were
hardly noticeable!
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How The Dotty Shake Can Help You
Achieve Hassle-Free Periods

The Dotty Shake helps rebalance your hormone levels so you'll feel better, less stressed, and more alive on your period days. You can chillax with friends rather than feeling bedridden all week.
The Dotty Shake "seals the deal" when stopping cramps and nausea, so you won't have to worry about painful surpriseswhen you're starting to feel relaxed.
Your period can often leave you exhausted. The Dotty Shake can give you an energy boost so you can function throughout the day through it's herbal formulation.
You can indulge in sweets without breaking your diet goals! The Dotty Shake has 50% less sugar than regular chocolate drinks. Plus, it also has 150 calories per serving!
Our secret is our unique blend of superfoods and natural remedies. We used a multiple-step extraction
process to bring out the maximum health benefits to empower you for a carefree day!
  • Red Raspberry Leaf

    Used to Help Alleviate: Cramps, Nausea, and Vomiting Studies show that Red Raspberry Leaf soothes cramps and other PMS symptoms.

    It contains a plant compound called Fragarine that tones and tightens pelvic muscles, which reduces cramps from muscle

  • Chasteberry

    Used to Help Alleviate: Hormonal Imbalance, Acne, Mood Swings, Sleep Disruptions Since ancient times, these berries have been used for their powerful healing abilities. Studies show that the chaste berry can help:

    • Balance hormones
    • Alleviate hormonal acne
    • Reduce breast tenderness and mood swings
  • Calcium and Vitamin D3

    Used to alleviate: future flare ups and pain 42% of women lack vitamin D and calcium in their diet. By supplementing these, we can reduce inflammation and prevent future occurrences.

  • Ginseng

    Used to Help Alleviate: Fatigue, Constipation, and Inflammation Studies show ginseng has a “cooling effect” that can help increase energy levels and reduce inflammation.

    Ginseng also strengthens the immune system, enhance cognitive function, and promote healthy blood circulation.

  • Ginger

    Used to Help Alleviate: Inflammation, Nausea, and Bloating Gingers are best known for “anti-prostaglandins.” Prostaglandins are one of the prime suspects for your period pain. By targeting this hormone, we can relieve nausea, bloating, and cramps.

Your 3-step Guide to Sipping in Happiness with The Dotty Shake!

When should you drink the dotty shake? When you first start experiencing period symptoms!
Here is your step-by-step guide:

  • Get one scoop of our Dotty’s Chocolately Bliss
  • Mix with one glass of hot water or milk
  • Lay back and enjoy!

You can also experience it in multiple ways!
Gulp it from a mug. Whisk some into your pancakes. Blend it into your smoothie.

Go Ahead. Indulge!

Get it Now!

Real Women Spoke And Vowed To

Women all over the world are raving about how we’ve stopped their period
pain and helped them take back their life!

Kim Burges

Very Tasty!

This is the tastiest drink I have ever tried in my life. As someone with severe PMS symptoms, especially mood swings, everyone can testify how much my overall mood has changed when I drink this (especially my boyfriend lol).

Kim Burges
Deanna Udi

Give it a try!

I was really skeptical about trying the shake but it definitely made a believer out of me. First of all the shake was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S even though as I checked it had Ginseng which is quite bitter. I highly recommend it!

Deanna Udi
Chloe Lucia

My not so guilty pleasure

This cocoa powder is a lifesaver! I have been trying to find something that can satisfy my choco cravings during my PMS days without all the sugar associated with most choco drinks and I was amazed when I tried this! It not only tastes fantastic but it really helped with bloating and nausea. 🍫

Chloe Lucia
Jesse Crawley

A cup in hand on a cold night. ☕️

I have never come across a drink that was made specifically to address the symptoms I experience when I’m on my period. In the morning I mix this with almond milk and ice to start my day right, but my favorite is just to snuggle up with a blanket on my sofa with a James Patterson book and a hot cup of my Dotty Cocoa drink.

Jesse Crawley
Alexis Worth

Give us more flavors!

The makers of this chocolicious drink should be jailed for not having more flavors for us to try out!😠 Kidding aside it is fantastic what this brand has done for me in controlling all of the headaches from having lady bits!😝 Goes well with milk. Hoping you guys come up with a minty flavor.

Alexis Worth

Our 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Comfort guaranteed, without the stress and the mess! If it's not working by your first cycle, then you're not paying. We'll refund you, no questions asked!

Get It Now!

We Hear You

And We've Got Answers To Your Questions.

Each bag contains 10 servings, which is good for 2 months!

You only need to drink one serving daily once you are experiencing period symptoms. Once period symptoms stop, you can stop taking it (although it may be too delicious not too)!

It tastes like a warm chocolate drink with hints of vanilla! The ginger or other ingredients are not noticeable.

Mix with 8-12oz of water and enjoy!

Hormonal Health Support

Dotty Shake is a nutritional supplement that helps balance hormones on the daily. Take it consistently, and the Dotty Shake can help you take control of bloating, cramps, mood swings, irregular flow, and low energy. No matter the phase of your cycle, the Dotty Shake supports your period health by keeping your hormones in check.

72% see results within the first two months of use!

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