Dotty Bianstone Gua Sha Massager
Ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your home
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Dotty Bianstone Gua Sha Massager

Ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your home

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This natural hot stone massager is perfect for targeted relief. Its pristine handcrafted Bian stone head is heated to give you that “hot-rock” massage effect. This product is ideal for those who are looking to rest and relax after a hard day at work, athletes looking for a quick recovery, or to provide pain relief on the back or other parts of the body.


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Our 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a full refund.

Natural Solution

from Earth's Healing Resources

Known as the "emperor's healing stone," Bianstone has been widely used in Asia for over ten thousand years. In ancient history, doctors observed that musicians who played musical instruments made from Bian Stone lived longer than expected. The all-in-one spa effects of the Bianstone will increase circulation and improve your overall health and vigour.


Ancient Solution Powered by
Modern Technology

We combined this age-old science with modern-day technology to bring you the best spa
experience without any special preparation. Our massager heats up the bianstone rock for that
“hot-rock” spa feeling. Just plug it, adjust the temperature, and experience the Zen.
Soak in spa goodness in just minutes!

The Exquisite All-In-One Spa Within Your Reach

No need to travel to the spa for the ultimate relaxation, the Dotty Bianstone Massager is here. This natural hot stone massager is perfect for targeted relief. Its pristine handcrafted Bian stone head is textured to exfoliate while massaging gently.

This product is ideal for those looking to rest and relax after a hard day or to relieve pain (cramps, back pain, and more)!

  • 01 Hot Rocks to Die For! Ease tense muscles and invigorate damaged soft tissues in your body whenever possible, wherever you may be. Heated to the ideal temp: 130°F
  • 02 Change to Get a 5 star massage for ⅓ the price! Normal massages can cost $100-300, so the Bianstone massager will pay for itself by your first massage! No sky-high fees are required.
  • 03 Comfort at its Finest It’s me-time, all the time! Bian stone massage promotes restful sleep, relaxed muscles, and a calmer mind. Experience a state of total bliss.

A Wealth of Wellness
In A Pristine Stone

  • Smoothen Skin and relaxes muscles With Over
    40 Minerals And Trace Elements
  • Easy, Effective, And Safe To Use
  • Give yourself permission: now is the time to take care of YOU!

Our 30-Day Unconditional Guarantee

Comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a full refund.

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A Spa Experience #LovedByRealPeople

High-quality massager with great heft.

I purchased this massager after using one my workmate owns. This product has the perfect heft to it and has relieved my joint and muscle pain. Thank you!

Allison Taylor

Verified Buyer

Relieves soreness.

I have bought this to help with the soreness I experience daily. The stone used to make is extremely smooth and does not snatch on anything. 

Kayla Livingston

Verified Buyer

Great for joint pains!

As an athlete, joint pains have always been a big problem for me. I have tried everything, and I never liked to use painkillers. I have been using this Gua Sha massager for quite some time now and it is AWESOME! 

Harper Conklin

Verified Buyer

Works for a professional wrestler.

Thank you for such a fantastic product! I am a wrestler by profession, and I have been using this for nerve pain, swelling, tendons, and muscle tightness. It works great, and the heating function is such a great addition. 

Bruchy Robinson

Verified Buyer

Smooth as silk!

Super smooth with no rough edges and is a real stone too! The manual is well-written and very helpful. It helped increase circulation in the body. 

Reagan Hopkins

Verified Buyer

Loved the heating feature!

Ever since my skiing accident, my back has been sore and also fills with fluid. This has helped relieve the soreness, and the heating feature has helped with the fluid buildup in my back. I highly recommend the product. 

Salma Fulton

Verified Buyer

Physical Therapist Approved!

As a Physical Therapist dealing that deals with patients that experience debilitating pain on a daily basis I have never recommended an online product so much in my life. It is just amazing that this company has innovated upon an ancient Chinese practice. 

Eliana Duffy

Verified Buyer

Arrived so quickly!

The product arrived 4 days after ordering which is the fastest I have ever experienced ordering online. The controller is easy to use and this is the only Gua Sha massager with heating! I have bought my mother one too. 

Lia Bray

Verified Buyer

Bang for the buck!

It is just insane how cheap this is for the quality. I use this after every game I play and it has relieved more pain than just my usual medication. No more pain meds for me! Thanks Dotty! 

Margot Daugherty

Verified Buyer

Works as advertised!

Does what it is intended to do. I was very skeptical at first but ever since I have been using it my life has changed for the better. Thank you for bringing this to the world. 

Elisheva Barry

Verified Buyer

We hear you

And we've got answers to your questions.

Get complete relief in a stylish package:

Electric Massager

Electric Massager





The Bianstone requires you to plug in the device while in use. This is because the heat that the Bianstone reaches is not currently possible with battery devices. That is why it is required to have a wire.

We have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the product, you are entitled to a full refund. No hard feelings.

It can be used for Head, Abdomen, Neck, Leg, and Back Massage. Just make sure you don't use it on chaffed skin or an open wound.

If your looking for rest and relaxation after a hard day, then this is for you! It also works for those with symptoms that can be relieved by deep tissue massage.

You can use it for back and neck pain, waist, hip, and thigh discomforts, cramped feet and calves, and other muscle pain. Massage the pain away!

It can be adjusted to your desired heat and can go as hot as 100° C. It’s hot and effective!

You can use it daily for no more than one hour. It will be enough to achieve the relaxation you need, babe.

The Dotty Bianstone Electric Massager is made of 100% natural, premium quality Bian stone from China’s natural resources. The handle is handcrafted redwood that’s ergonomic and light in the hands. It’s the premium spa in a portable set!

This powerful product is most suitable for ages 13 and above.

A lot! But in a nutshell, it’s proven therapeutic tool in traditional Chinese medicine, that aids body relaxation and improve the flow of the body's vital energy called the 'Qi.' 

It reduces any muscle fatigue and stiffness, and releases muscle tension. Plus, it helps activate cells for accelerated blood microcirculation, promoting wellness and maintaining good health.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Michelle Mitchell
 Best money you could spend here

 I ordered for my mom, tried it, so impressed I ordered another immediately. A WHOLE LOT of product for the price is an understatement. So easy to use and the design is amazing, can't say enough good about this product and it was shipped and delivered the next day. Thank you!!!!!!

Nicole Petre
Changed my work life!!

I am definitely the most skeptical person that could have even considered buying this. So, I take it out of the box, and I'm like... Uh-oh, this isn't going to work for me. So, I plug it in and turn it on, and... Wait, what's happening? Things that happened when I was in 2nd grade bubble up to the surface and just float away from my body. My eyes roll back in my head. And I... Am... In.. Bliss.. No, I AM Bliss!!! So then, I run to my husband and I'm like try this!!! And he says, look at me. I'm twice your size. He shakes his head and puts it on. And 3 minutes later he is mumbling something about how he doesn't care who goes on the swing next... Soooooo basically, we just take turns using this. A LOT.


I'm not one for writing reviews even if I like something; but I had to leave a review about this. I'm blown away by its effectiveness! I suffer from lower back issues and I've had knots in my shoulders since I can remember. I began using it straight out the box - didn't need to read instructions its self explanatory just by looking at it. After using it on my lower back first; I felt immediate relief. Later in the day I used it on my shoulders and it felt even better. I can honestly say that both my lower back and shoulders feel more relaxed and a significant decrease in pain. I use it each time with the heat function because I love heat. 

D. Caldwell
 Great product!

I had a hard time finding the perfect gift for my mom, but luckily I found this and thought it would be perfect. And I was right, she loves it and uses it at twice a week. I've even used myself and think it's well worth it. I was a great buy in think.

Awesome Massager

I got this  after reading all the great reviews on it, and I've been extremely pleased with it. I wanted something powerful for my neck and back pain to use between my massage therapy sessions. This isn't no wimpy massager. It definitely gets to my deep tissue. I love the heat with it to. I would recommend this one.